Physical Therapists Aid in Your
Physical and Financial Recovery

Physical Therapy: The Road to Complete Physical Recovery

Medical treatment is sometimes not enough to facilitate a full recovery. Many personal injury patients suffer long-term pain and limitations due to physical trauma, broken bones, or torn muscles or ligaments. You may need physical therapy if your injuries include any of these. You’ll need help so your body can regain its mobility and physical fitness. 

Surgery is not a requirement for physical therapy, although post-operative rehabilitation is also common in personal injury cases.

“Accident Cases”

When you’re in a car accident, your first instinct might be to go to your primary physician. We don’t discourage this, as long as they know what to do when treating patients involved in car accidents. Be on your guard, however, if they say this:

“We don’t accept accident cases.”

It means they don’t have enough experience dealing with patients who may later want to file a PIP claim. They can give primary treatment, but they might miss details that would have been crucial to your case. It’s better to go directly to medical practitioners who know how to handle such cases. 

Floridians who encounter accidents on the road are welcome at Your Care Health Network. We have qualified physicians and an internist and physical therapy expert who’ll treat and help you with your insurance claims in the future.

Dr. Francisco Xavier Quintana, MD

Dr. Quintana supervises the general internal medicine and physical therapy treatments at Your Care Health Network. A proud graduate of Medicine and Surgery from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua School of Medicine, he’s now a Florida board-certified physician and civil surgeon.

Dr. Quintana hopes to help improve the community’s health. Through Your Care Health Network, he lends his expertise in general medicine and physical therapy for the fast recovery of personal injury patients.

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