Francisco Xavier Quintana, MD

At Your Care Health Network, we understand that an accident that causes serious injuries is a life-changing event. It causes physical damage as well as emotional trauma. For this reason, we have a medical team that readily helps patients overcome these consequences.

We have a general doctor on staff at all times. And one of them is Dr. Francisco Xavier Quintana, MD.

Dr. Quintana Efficiently Treats Auto Accident Patients

Dr. Francisco Quintana stays true to Your Care Health Network’s commitment to treating each patient like family. He takes a collaborative approach to develop the best plan for you. So, even if you are diagnosed with the same condition as another patient, the treatment will differ based on your unique situation and preferences.

The doctor also stays true to the certifications and accomplishments he has earned over the years, demonstrating that he is someone that patients can trust for effective treatment.

Clínica de accidentes en Miami

Dr. Quintana is certified by the Florida Board of Medicine, he is also certified by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health with a Doctor Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Moreover, Dr. Quintana has been a member of the Nicaraguan Medical Association in Exile (AMNE) Miami, Florida since 1985. And in 1995 and in 1996, he was awarded by the American Academy of Family Physicians of the University of Miami – School of Medicine for his participation in Clinical Skills Teaching in Family Medicine.

Given these credentials, and with our clinic’s dedication to each patient’s total healing, you can trust Dr. Quintana for timely, beneficial treatments for your serious injuries.

Your Care Health Network Does What Is Best for You

Dr. Francisco Quintana, along with the rest of the medical team at Your Care Health Network, makes things simple for you and for your recovery. We do what is best for you, our patient; after all, what benefits our patients benefits us all. In effect, the successful treatment of your condition is our success, as well.

For exceptional care without exception, schedule an appointment with Dr. Quintana today.

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